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Is a renovation in your future? Here are the 8 steps that we follow with our Clients to guide them

Step 1: The Initial Consultation - During this working consultation we walk through the spaces to be renovated and gather information from the Client on how they want to live and work in their home. We are skilled at asking the right questions to get the information that we need, and to introduce new thoughts to the Client. At this time we measure the areas to be renovated, any existing furnishings that will stay, and take photos of the site. We go over the Agreement with the Client, outlining the Scope of Work and compensation. A retainer is placed by the Client to confirm our working relationship.

Step 2: Preliminary Design Layouts - We draft the existing spaces and design options for new layouts that would accommodate the Client's needs and wishes. We excel at creativity and functionality and believe they must exist together. Sometimes we come up with two options and sometimes many more. As we present the plan options, the Client is typically amazed at what is possible for their home.

Step 3: Finalizing the Design - The client determines which features work best for them and we combine these into a final plan. By adding dimensions and notes we create the Construction Plan and then draft the Demolition Plan to show what is being removed. We show the Client conceptual design and interior finish ideas for flooring, walls, plumbing and lighting fixtures, hardware, furniture, upholstery and drapery fabrics.

Step 4: Construction Drawings - Now that the plans are final we proceed to designing and drafting the elevations and details for all of the cabinetry, built-ins and trim work. Finishes are chosen and tile details are drafted. Lighting and electrical layouts are designed. Light fixtures, interior hardware and plumbing fixtures are specified.

Step 5: Quotation Stage - We assist the Client in this stage by issuing the drawings and specifications that the Contractors will use in preparing their quotations. Our drawings are also what the Contractor uses to get a building permit. We also offer quotations on the furniture, lamps, artwork and custom window treatments which have been coordinated for the new decor.

Step 6: Signing Contracts and Ordering Products - Once the Contractor is chosen, the Client will enter into a contract with the Contractor. Our drawings are what the Contractor uses to get a building permit. We also enter into contract with the Client to order in their furniture, lamps, mirrors, artwork and custom window treatments.

Step 7: Renovation by the Contractor - The renovations are underway and the dreams on paper are turned into reality! We oversee the renovations to ensure they are being built as per the design drawings. During this time we are also managing your custom orders and having your window treatments fabricated.

Step 8: Installations and Accessorizing - New furnishings and window treatments are installed and the designers put their finishing touches on the decor! Your newly renovated home is more functional, efficient and beautiful for your enjoyment!

As Registered Interior Designers we guide our Clients through the renovation process, sharing our expertise to create a great experience for you. We will introduce you to

new ideas and concepts that you never imagined before, making your home

functional and beautiful!

Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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