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Tower Interiors celebrates 25 years of creating perfect spaces for the way you live and work

Tower Interiors is thrilled to celebrate 25 years of making homes and businesses in Nova Scotia more beautiful and more efficient — and increasing their value!

With clients that range from homeowners to high-end resorts, restaurants, salons, condo and apartment buildings, offices, clinics, and retail establishments, Registered Interior Designer Pam Tower wouldn’t want to do anything else. “I love creating spaces that make people feel happy and productive. When we feel good about our home or workspace, we’re healthier and more positive!”

Pam and her right-hand woman Nicole LeBlanc, also a Registered Interior Designer, have won more than two dozen awards, including the Consumer Choice Award in the category of Interior Design nine years running, and many Canadian Home Builder’s Peak Awards for Most Outstanding Renovation.

Their secret? Listening closely to clients’ challenges and finding creative solutions. “I love solving people’s problems with space,” explains Pam. “It’s analytical, mathematical and creative.”

“Space planning is like a puzzle,” adds Nicole. “And when clients are happy and excited about what we’ve done for them, it’s so rewarding. We’re always hearing: I never thought of that!”

Pam’s goal as a designer is to save clients both time and money. “They may only renovate a couple of times in their lifetime, but this is what we do every day. We show the home or business owner what’s possible and, using our 8-Step Interior Design Process, we guide them through their renovation.” This proven process starts with the initial consultation, and follows through with design drawings, construction details, product ordering, and the final “big reveal”.

A lot has changed since 1996. “I used to take photos of a client’s home and wait for the film to be developed and pick up the pictures two days later,” laughs Pam. “When I needed to get documents to someone, I had to drive them there. Modern technology was a fax machine. I didn’t even have a computer my first year! Today, all our technical drawings are drafted on AutoCad and can be sent instantly to the client and contractors, so everyone works seamlessly as a team.”

Styles have changed, too. “Homes didn’t have mudrooms, and the back door usually came into the kitchen. And how could we forget wall to wall carpeting? Hot trends were dusty rose, emerald green and burgundy, including the floral prints on sofas!”

And in many cases, Pam and Nicole have seen clients through every trend of the past 25 years. “We have clients who come back to us over and over,” says Pam. “They buy a home, a condo, a cottage. They grow or transform their business. They trust us through the lifespan as their needs change.”

Pam’s recipe for success includes patience and accountability. “Always be accountable,” she says. “Halifax really is a small city and your reputation does precede you. Make it a great one!”

Pam and Nicole also believe in giving back to the community. In addition to mentoring more than a dozen students and new Canadians, they volunteer for charitable causes like the Mental Health Foundation’s Festival of Trees. Tower Interiors also designed and decorated an apartment for the Society of Atlantic Heroes, so first responders could enjoy a comfortable place to stay in Halifax when receiving medical treatment.

What does 25 years of experience teach you about interior design? “Planning!” exclaims Pam. “Leave lots of time for planning! A Registered Interior Designer is a problem solver. We ask you how you use the space, what message you want to convey, and how your life and work in the space could be more efficient — then combine functionality and esthetics.”

The high point is always the big reveal, when the client sees their completed renovation for the first time. “It’s the best part!” says Pam. “Creating a space that’s perfect for the way YOU live and work is all about you and your dreams — we just help make it happen!”

To learn more about Tower Interiors and connect with Pam and Nicole, visit

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You have done MRU proud, Pam! Congratulations!!

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